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What is Tuina Massage

Tuina is one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine. Treatments utilise deep tissue massage with Qi or energy work to correct both the physical and energetic body. Tuina works with the main principles of traditional Chinese medicine, looking to bring harmony to the body restoring the natural balance. 

Tuina is believed to be the oldest form of bodywork formed from different branches and lineages of massage that existed in China. It was formulated to create a standardised practice for medical use in ancient China and is still used in Chinese hospitals today.

Tuina utilises deep tissue massage to loosen tight muscles and tendons, relax the body and rebalance the individual. 

Tuina differs from other styles of massage in its focus on treating specific patterns and conditions directly. Treatments are prescribed on an individualised basis meaning every treatment is unique to the patients needs and requirements. 

Tuina treatments look to target both the manifestations of the condition with the underlying cause. This method of treatment results in not only correcting the main points of concern but also the body as a whole. Read more


Tuina Massage explained

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