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Our Treatments

Treatments are carried out by a experienced practitioner utilising traditional Tuina massage techniques. Treatments are individually prescribed following an in-depth holistic assessment to target the specific concerns of the patient. Treatments focus directly on the manifestations of the patients conditions and also the underlying imbalances in the individual.

Tuina deep tissue neck massage

Our treatments focus on correcting musculoskeletal issues and mental emotional imbalances expressed in the physical body. Treatments use therapeutic massage and body work to target specific patterns of imbalance.


Tuina incorporates both yin and yang into its treatment principles to provide a balanced treatment restoring harmony to the body. Yin is more nourishing with techniques such as static pressure on acupuncture points. Yang is more moving and uses stronger techniques and deep tissue massage to loosen muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Treatments work to harmonise the mind and increase the flow of qi and blood to improve the body's own healing process. Learn about Tuina massage.

Our Treatments 

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