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ACM Tuina

Tuina Massage Therapist 
Crouch End, London

Tuina is a contemporary massage style used to correct the negative effects of modern life

Tuina is a traditional form of Chinese medical massage utilised for deep tissue bodywork for correcting musculoskeletal issues. It is an ancient form of traditional Chinese massage practiced for centuries in China.   

Discover Tuina Massage 

Relaxing zen standing stones

Heal the body  

Tuina is a specific form of
massage utilised to treat distinct physiological patterns of disharmony in the body. Prescribed treatments specifically target areas of pain and discomfort to realign the phisical body.    


Rebalances the mind

Mental disharmonies and stress can cause muscular tightness and stiffness. These patterns can cause long term discomfort if not treated properly. The body can be a reflection of the mind holding onto past traumas and patterns of negative thought processes.


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Release emotional trauma

Treatments work to alleviate mental emotional issues expressed through muscle memory. Trauma and emotional pain cause distinct patterns to manifest in the physiological body which can be released through physiological manipulation.  

What Tuina can treat

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Chronic conditions

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Pain relief 

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Reduce stress & anxiety 

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Improve circulation 

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Postural issues 

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Injury rehabilitation

Photo of Arun Croysdale-Mall.jpeg

Arun Croysdale-Mall

Tui Na practitioner, Licentiate in Chinese Medicine and Tui Na massage at City College of Acupuncture. Holding a lifetime of experience, started practicing in early childhood educated by his Uncle, Andrew Croysdale through the traditional master apprentice method rarely seen today.

He has been educated in the systems used by the lineages of the first Chinese masters who came to the west, they trained his uncle along with a select group of other students. These systems were refined, developed and expanded with additional techniques and further study then passed down to him forming a holistic method of treatment and distinct family lineage.

Later study at the City College of Acupuncture in London established a more diverse understanding of different types of treatment and styles/linages of oriental medicine. This was then incorporated into his own treatment principles and techniques.


Arun is very professional in his approach with an extensive knowledge of the body. He maintained a calm and relaxing demenor creating a positive healing environment. I suffered from foot pain for years and his treatments corrected the pain and stiffness allowing me to regain my health.

Not your standard massage treatment, I went for treatments for carpal tunnel and had a very precise and individualised treatment specifically targeting my condition. I’ve regained feeling and blood flow to my hands and can now work without getting discomfort.

Amazing treatment can’t recommend enough, I went for back and shoulder pain and have felt great since. Would highly recommend excellent massage and very professional and holistic treatment.




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